Skilled LBGT Legal Services

Skilled LBGT Legal ServicesDanielle is part of the LGBT community. She has been an activist and advocate in the community since 2007. She served as the president of the University of Utah SJQ Law School’s LGBT organization, the Outlaws. In 2008, she co-founded the Rainbow Law Clinic, a free legal clinic designed to give advice to LGBT community members. Danielle has taken many LGBT cases and has a special affinity for working with transgender clients. Danielle also represented five (5) of the Capitol Thirteen, who were protesters that were arrested at the Utah Legislature for protesting discrimination against LGBT people in our community.

Gender and Name Change

Danielle has completed many name and gender changes and she understands the complexities involved in these delicate cases. She also understands the social issues involved and will treat you with the respect and understanding that every client deserves. Danielle has developed a strong understanding of the statutory and common law regarding these procedures. She is also well acquainted with theWPATH Standards of Care as well as the DSM’s treatment of transgender issues. She is also aware of the issues and concerns regarding these standards. Lastly, Danielle is well aware of the political climate involving these cases and can help the client to understand how their case will be seen and treated.

Marriage, Divorce, and Custody

LGBT families have been getting together and splitting up since long before the court decisions on the issues. In some areas, now, these cases are exactly the same as straight cases. However, in other subtle areas, they are totally different. For example, property divisions will be complicated by the fact that although the couple may have been together for many years, they were only recently able to be married. The timing of when the property was acquired in combination with the laws on the issues will have a tremendous impact on the property arguments made in the case. The attorneys on the case must understand the common law and constitutional law on these issues to make arguments in favor of their client. For this reason, LGBT families are strongly encouraged to find an attorney that understands the complexities involved in these cases.