Uncontested Divorce

An Uncontested Divorce Can be Efficient and Cost Effective

A divorce should not be an endless battle. We pride ourselves on helping clients find solutions; not fights. Our primary goal is to solve cases in an efficient and cost-effective manner. We don’t believe in adding fuel to unnecessary fires and would rather help parties come to a harmonious agreement. Divorce is stressful; our job is to lead our client through the process, eliminating anxiety wherever possible.

Yes, we frequently litigate cases where it cannot be avoided. However, Danielle Hawkes Family Law’ strategy works well for amicable divorces as well. We work with our clients to tailor a plan that will work best for their individual situation. Whether that means we take a backseat as the drafter and advisor, or steer the entire ship, we are here to help. Oftentimes, parties work well together. In those cases, the parties tell us what they would like in the agreement, and our energy is focused on drafting and filing the necessary documents. In other cases, we play a central role in all aspects of the case.

Our clients do not have to sacrifice quality representation for cost-efficiency. Instead, we present ways to help avoid litigation and costs whenever we can. For instance, mediation is a great tool that can be effective for clients looking to come to a swift resolution. Other cases can be settled through simple informal negotiations over the phone, through email, or at our offices. Whatever the case may be, Danielle Hawkes Family Law are expeditious in achieving a peaceful divorce without causing avoidable delays.

If a case is complicated, we are happy to trudge that road with our clients. But we refuse to let our actions make a case more complicated than it needs to be, especially in simple divorces.

Let Danielle Hawkes Family Law help you calmly navigate the rough waters of a friendly divorce with tailored representation.